You are the best in the kitchen! Follow these few tips

Best Kitchen

Best Kitchen, this time living desk: We have to eat to live and who does not love to eat? Also, our only hope for good and healthy food is the home kitchen. There is always a hit mother, aunt, aunty, and grandmother’s hand cooking. It is true that they are the best chefs in the world. However, to keep the body healthy and eat good food, some rules must be followed. And for which keeping the kitchen clean is very important.

Kitchen Tips

Unique kitchen tips: 

Because all diseases spread from there. Also, cooking is an art. Many unknowingly complicate the whole matter. For example, if you wash the rice in advance and drain the water, the rice becomes neat. Raw chilies are good for a long time if they are torn and wrapped in newspaper. If salt is high, it can be managed with potato or lemon juice. There are also ways to prevent food from falling. Check out some essential kitchen tips.

Kitchen tip of the day

It is not always the same cooking. So someday by mistake more yellow may fall. You can use this tip so that the smell of turmeric does not come out from cooking. Without pouring excess water, heat a ladle in it and stir it into the curry. The smell of turmeric will go away.

Best Kitchen

Cauliflower recipes

Cauliflower looks as good as it tastes. But it often melts while cooking. Fact normally to which both taste and beauty are lost. So adding half a teaspoon of curd or milk while cooking cauliflower will not melt the cauliflower.

Cabbage is good to eat. But eating more gas. So always eat cabbage lightly steamed.

Leave the dry chili and pepper in the rice cooker. You will see that you will not catch insects for a long time. The rice will not turn black.

Soak the onion for a while before cutting it. Then no more tears will fall on the onion grater.

Never place a milk bottle on the refrigerator door. Always keep him. Because the temperature changes a lot when the door is opened. This can spoil the milk.

Are you baking? So don’t open the microwave door again and again. It also damages the machine. Food is also not heated properly. Bake at the right temperature.

Never leave bread loose outside. After eating, keep it in the refrigerator by wrapping it with a garter. It will keep the bread fresh. If there is too much salt or sugar in cooking, throw in some raw potatoes. The problem will be solved immediately. Has the coffee become too bitter? Do not discard, mix with a pinch of salt. You will see that bitterness is gone.

Cooking bowl

Are ants stuck in sugar? Drop a few cloves into the bowl. The solution will be easy. Is gas dirty with milk? Don’t worry. Before that sprinkle some salt on the gas. Now leave it for a while and wipe it with lukewarm water. Then the problem is solved. Is the smell of fried fish uncomfortable?

Kitchen Tips

Do you find it unbearable when someone fries fish? Keep in mind, on the day you fry fish oil or fish eggs, put vinegar in a bowl next to the gas in the Best Kitchen. The musty smell will be removed a lot. More Kitchen News.

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