Why you suffering from earache in winter?

What foods to eat more to avoid the risk of infection?

Earache, Apart from being aware of keeping the ears healthy, the diet should also be changed. What foods to keep in ear care?

It is important to take care of the nose-ear-throat more in winter. Because the ear is the most affected by winter infections. So it is not only necessary to listen with ears, but also to take care. Accumulation of dirt in the ear often leads to infection. So it is necessary to keep the ears clean. But in addition to being aware to keep the ears healthy, the diet should also be changed. What foods to keep in ear care?

Seasonal fruit

From ear to mind – there is no other way to stay healthy than relying on seasonal fruits. To care for the ears, you should keep various seasonal fruits like bananas, and oranges in the leaves every day. Vitamin C content is very high in this group of fruits. This vitamin keeps away infection-related problems in the body. Along with vitamin C, oranges also contain vitamin E. You can rely on this fruit to sharpen your hearing.

Sea fish

Besides weight loss, seafood rich in omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of ear infections. Sometimes the hearing power decreases after getting old, if you don’t want to, you can rely on sea fish. You will benefit.

Dark chocolate

Although not sweet in taste, there is no end to its virtues. Eating dark chocolate reduces the risk of ear infections. Dark chocolate contains magnesium, which keeps any infection at bay. Dark chocolate is also very effective in improving blood circulation in the ears.

Dairy food

Such foods are rich in beneficial ingredients like vitamins A, D, E, and K. Due to the presence of ingredients like sodium, minerals, and magnesium, dairy foods reduce the risk of ear infections. So eat more food like milk, and curd to take care of your ears.


Earache is the most common complaint, especially in children. An ear infection is the most cause. And others cause ear pain, that air pressure. Like Suddenly you get the full air pressure in any source, like when you take off in a plane.

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