Why Scientists are Building Time Machine?

Scientists are building a time machine

Time Machine, when you hear this word, a round time machine of the imaginary world floats in front of your eyes. Where people enter the past or the future. I thought, if this really happened, then maybe the mistakes of his life could be corrected once! Is time travel really possible? Is it real or just fiction?

Time Machine

Time travel or time travel simply means to go to the past or the future. Suppose, if one can go back to the year 2000 or go to the world of 2030, then this is called time travel. It is as easy as it sounds but in reality, it is not that easy. Nothing is impossible again!

Time Travel

Many stories of time travel were prevalent in ancient epics or folktales. It is known this in the story of King Kakudmi in Mahabharata written in the fourth century BC. Besides, the story of Urashima’s time travel, a character in Japanese folktales of the 8th century AD, is also quite popular. Science says future travel is possible. But not like movies or science fiction comics. The famous Austrian mathematician Kurt Gödel has shown through mathematics that time travel is also possible in this universe but under certain conditions.

Scientist Isaac Newton believed that the rate of time flow is the same everywhere in the universe, that is, one hour passing on earth means one hour passing everywhere in the universe. What has already happened is past for everyone. But contrary to Einstein, the rate of flow of time is not the same everywhere in the universe, what has happened may not be passed for everyone. In this regard, after the publication of his theory of relativity, everyone’s perception of time changed dramatically.

Travel Speed

Suppose a person is put in a spaceship that can travel at the speed of light and he goes on a journey across the universe. But coming back to earth, many years may have passed and to that person, it seems like only a short time has passed. This is how the time travel formula is explained in Einstein’s theory. This theory has a deep connection between black holes and wormholes.

A black hole is a star’s worst state. The stars become completely silent and the mass reaches a point so that the dimensions of space and time become infinite or infinite. Even if light enters there, it cannot come out. Meanwhile, according to Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, the greater the mass, the slower the time. So if one spacecraft were traveling around the black hole and another spacecraft was traveling around the Earth, the age of the person traveling the black hole would be half the age of the person orbiting the Earth.

Now the question is why I talked about going around the black hole instead of entering it. The answer is, once you enter a black hole, you cannot get out. The force of gravity is very high there. The last boundary of a black hole’s gravitational field is called the event horizon, beyond which any person or object can never be found in its previous state.

How is time travel possible?

Wormholes are very important in this regard. Space is never flat. So when light travels through space, it is forced to follow a curved path through curved space. But besides this crooked path, there is another short road. That shortcut is the wormhole. Wormholes are sometimes called Einstein-Rogen bridges.

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Suppose, if someone wants to go from this solar system to Alpha Centauri, it will take 4.3 years at the speed of light. Again due to the mass of that person, it is not possible for him to travel at the speed of light. But a shortcut through the wormhole would allow that person to easily enter Alpha Centauri and return to their own solar system. That means he can go to the future and come back to the past. However, there is some debate as to how far it is possible to return to the past.


It is clear that time travel is not a common phenomenon, it is anti-natural. Interestingly, according to Einstein’s theory, the presence of special fields in which time travel is considered possible, Stephen Hawking’s quantum theory does not support everything.

However, according to Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Thorne, if wormholes are actually found, time travel would be the most likely. So clearly speaking, time travel is possible according to scientific theory, but in reality, it is not possible unless we reach the speed of light. In that case, a time machine would have to be built where it is possible to achieve speeds close to the speed of light.

Physics professor Ronald Mallett

Hopefully, University of Connecticut physics professor Ronald Mallett is working tirelessly to make time travel a reality by creating a rotating black hole-like situation with a circled laser. He claims that a time machine can be made in the future based on this device. But only time will tell whether it is possible to go to the past or the future with it.

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