Why Anything But A Backpack Day is the best day ever!

I was walking down the hall at school today and saw one of my classmates carrying the biggest backpack I have ever seen in my life! It had to be 2 or 3 times bigger than any other backpack in the hall, so I went up to him and asked, Dude, what’s with that massive backpack? He told me that his dad had bought it for him on Anything But A Backpack Day because his old one had been broken. Then I realized that today was Anything But A Backpack Day and I rushed home to tell my mom!

Backpacks are uncomfortable and bad for your body

Back-to-school season has arrived again, but this year there’s an important trend you might want to consider: anything but a backpack day. This trending party in the United States is all about getting creative with your lunch bag or cooler instead of using a traditional backpack for more information.

They can break

Anything but a backpack day is trending in the United States and people across the world are hosting parties to celebrate it. What is Anything but a backpack day? Here are some ideas for anything but a backpack day.
This year, we need to make this Anything but a backpack trend go viral.

Trending Party in the USA

Anything But a Backpack Day, which falls on the last Friday of every September, is a trending party in the United States. It encourages students to wear anything but their backpacks as they go to school and walk around their neighborhoods or towns. The idea behind this trend is that students are not allowed to carry any of their belongings with them while they are out walking. This event has spread around America in just over 5 years since its conception in 2010. Ideas for this party include bringing your child’s favorite toy with you, trying out clothes you wouldn’t usually wear and seeing how people react, and going to school without wearing your shoes. There are many other ideas too!

Why you Should Attend

Trending Party in United States, this trending party has become a trend across cities and colleges nationwide. The idea for Anything But a Backpack day is just to have a party without any backpacks allowed. This event has been received well by students and teachers alike as it allows them to feel safer when they are out at school. Ideas for this event are no backpacks, no homework, or no tests. All of these ideas would be applicable to help take some stress off of students who may not have time to do their homework and tests before the party starts.

Enjoy this part with your friends

What is Anything but a backpack day? – Anything but a backpack day (ABBD) is an end-of-school celebration where students wear anything but their backpacks in order to make the last few hours of the year more fun. The idea for ABBD came about in 2012 when two friends, who were both graduating high school and moving on to college, realized how much they would miss each other and how hard it was going to be to say goodbye. They wanted to do something special before they left so that they would never forget one another. Now, what started as a small gesture has become a well-known annual event with over 3,000 schools participating nationwide.

Alternatives to backpacks

What is Anything but a backpack day? It’s a growing movement of people who want to break the habit of using backpacks for school. Anyone can participate and you don’t have to be in school anymore. All you need to do is wear anything but a backpack on your back for one full day. Why not make it an Anything But A Backpack Week or Month, or better yet, an entire semester? There are plenty of ideas for anything but a backpack day- here are some great ones:
Wear your heaviest bag on your front
Wear multiple bags at once
Carry everything with both hands
Use luggage as your bag


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