Which State is called Scotland of India

Coorg is the ‘Scotland’ of India

Coorg India, If you can’t make it to Scotland then Coorg will fulfill all your wishes. Scotland of India will fulfill your dream. Where is it again – are you thinking? Popular Tourist destination Coorg in South India. Famous for coffee, Coorg or Koragu is a beautiful tourist center in the state of Karnataka. Wanted to go there for a long time, but didn’t go because of Corona.

coorg india

So last year in the month of September some of us friends traveled from Coorg. Tourists flock here again and again to enjoy nature. The calm and cool atmosphere of Coorg captivates everyone from young to old. If you are planning to visit South India, then put Coorg on the list.


Madikeri Fort is a popular tourist spot in Coorg. It highlights the beauty and culture of Coorg. If you want to see the hilly region of Karnataka more closely, you can visit Brahmagiri Hills. From here to Coorg
looks beautiful

The coffee plantations here produce the best coffee in the country. Coorg, the erstwhile stronghold of the Kodaba tribes, is surrounded by rubber, coffee, and coir plantations on the sprawling plateau. This place is called in world Scotland of India. Coffee, pepper, and cardamom are the main crops of Coorg.

coorg india

Coorg is situated at an altitude of 3500 feet above sea level. Coorg is also famous for homemade chocolates and spices. Along with the natural beauty, there is the Omkareshwar temple built in 1820. Tourists flock here to see the craftsmanship of the temple.

When will you travel?

The best time for Travel is September to March to visit Coorg, a Very natural and Cool environment.

How to go?

There is no airport or railway station in Coorg. There are trains and flights to Bangalore from any major city in India. From there you can go to Madikeri by bus/taxi. Madikeri is 260 km from Bengaluru and KSRTC’s good Volvo bus service takes 6 hours. Can also go via Mangaluru; From where Madikeri is 120 km away.

coorg india

There are trains and flights from Bangalore to Mangaluru. The nearest major railway junction to Madikeri is Mysore Junction. The distance from Mysore to Madikeri is only 117 km. This route can be easily reached by renting a car. the time
It takes a total time of about two and a half hours.

Simple way

And if you want to go through Kolkata, you can take a train from Howrah to Mysore. From there you will reach Coorg by car. By air, you have to land at Mangalore airport. Coorg is 136 km away from there. More Travel Place in India.

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