What is 7 Tips for lose fat?

Lose fat in just 7 minutes, 7 tips to get slim in 7 days

Lose fat, winter is very warm. Laziness gripped both body and mind. It becomes very difficult to get out from under the blanket in the morning. When you wake up late, you naturally have less time in the morning. In the rush to get to work, many times we miss out on exercise.

lose fat

But if it goes on like this for a long time, the hinges of the body will get rusted. Therefore, it is necessary to know how the body and mind can be kept clean in a short period of time. Learn how to do a ‘whole body workout’ at home in less time without any equipment.

But do you know which 7 exercises to do in 7 minutes?

Jumping jack, wall sits push-ups, crunch, step-ups, squat, tricep dips, plank, high self, lunge, push-up with rotation, side plank — 12 exercises to be done in this sequence. Jumping jacks exercise the entire body.

Wall sits, step-ups, squats, and lunges benefit the quads, hamstrings, and abdominal muscles. Push-ups work the shoulders, chest, and triceps. Crunches and tricep dips benefit the abs. Glutes, arms, and abs are good for planking. Hi itself results in good leg exercise. The push-up with rotation exercise works the chest, shoulders, and triceps.

lose fat

How to do?

Download a timer or stopwatch to perform the exercises in phases. Do each exercise for 30 seconds. During this time you can rotate as many times as possible. Don’t be too hasty. Take a 5-second break after each exercise.


Needs to do these exercises every day in a Routine. Remember Good fat is essential for our body, but Bad fat is our anime for the body. So did you want to fit in, must consider exercise in your life, and besides good food. Not outside any pungent food, fry food, and more oily food. Just need healthy food for your body. Be healthy, be fit.

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