Vomit when riding in a car? Know the solution

Vomit when riding in a car?

Vomiting, Traveling by horse and buggy is a nightmare for some. Because nothing else—vomiting. And its cause is motion sickness. This motion sickness becomes a problem when traveling short or long distances in a moving bus or car. But why does this happen?


Why is vomiting?

Motion sickness usually occurs when taking a bus, private car or microbus. After getting into the car, our intuition or brain assumes that it is stationary. But the eye sees everything moving. That is, motion sickness is created due to this incoordination of eyes and inner ear or brain. Which starts with nausea and sometimes vomiting. Apart from this, acidity, sickness and even bad smell in confined spaces can cause vomiting.

Whose is it?

Cannot identify specific age, gender or group. But more or less everyone goes through such experiences in childhood. It is true that, many people get better as they get older. However, if it does not improve with age, it is a matter of concern.


There is no specific way to get rid of vomiting while traveling. If the problem persists for a long time, it is better to talk to the doctor about it. However, if you follow some rules, you can get rid of sudden vomiting.

  • Try sitting forward in the car. Seated in the back, the car feels more dynamic.
  • Sit by the window if possible. Keep the windows open, let the outside air in. Try to enjoy nature outside. This allows both the eyes and the brain to adapt to your dynamic conditions.
  • Drink water as needed.
  • Don’t travel on an empty stomach. Try to eat something light before traveling. so that, It will not create acidity in the stomach. Acidity is one of the causes of vomiting.
  • Ginger and cinnamon help digestion. You can chew ginger or cinnamon in case of vomiting. It can relieve temporary nausea.
  • Consuming sour fruits also relieves nausea. Apart from this, the smell of lemon and lemon leaves also relieves nausea.

If vomit occurs despite all this, seek medical advice. You can take the medicine for vomiting and ride the horse as per the advice.

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