Two new features in WhatsApp groups 2023

WhatsApp New Features

Many people join various WhatsApp groups for entertainment or work needs. Some are invited and others apply to join the group on their own interest. However, group management is not possible if the number of members is large. WhatsApp has increased the control power of group administrators to solve problems. In addition, the instant messaging app has introduced the opportunity for members to know the information of known people in the same group.

WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp groups

According to WhatsApp information, many admins open WhatsApp groups and open links for interested people. Interested people now can join the group instantly by clicking this link. Sometimes unwanted people also become members of the group. As a result, sometimes embarrassing situations have to be faced. From now on group administrators can verify the identity of the people applying through the link and add them to the group. As a result, you cannot join the group directly by clicking on the link.

Large Group

If the number of members of a WhatsApp group is large, it is not known even if many known people are members of the same group. Using the other facility introduced in WhatsApp, the names of friends or acquaintances in the same group can be known. As a result, if you search by writing the phone number of a specific person in the search bar of WhatsApp, you will know whether that person is a member of a specific group or not. As a result, the group will have the opportunity to discuss with each other.

Addition Look

In addition to launching these new facilities, WhatsApp has also taken the initiative to launch ‘expiring groups’. Using this facility, the entire group can be deleted at the specified time. That is, only if you set the date, the specific group will be automatically deleted from WhatsApp. So don’t be associated with unnecessary groups.

Source: Times of India

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