The iPhone will read the message in the sender’s voice

iPhone will read the message in the sender’s voice

In addition to reading messages on the iPhone, virtual assistant Siri can also be heard on demand. However, many do not like the words were spoken by Siri because of the artificial intelligence technology voice. This is not unknown to Apple. And so in the future, Apple is going to launch the opportunity to listen to the voice of the message sender on the iPhone. Only iMessage users will get this opportunity. In the meantime, the company has also acquired the intellectual property of this technology from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


New Technology

When this new technology is launched, any message coming in iMessage will be heard by the voice of the sender. However, this does not require the sender to record the message like a voice message. Siri technology will be used to read out the words contained in messages using artificial intelligence technology. That is, Apple will read out the text in the same way that Siri currently reads out the message. By simply reviewing the sender’s voice, speaking style, etc., the message sender’s voice will be used instead of Siri.


According to Apple, many people want to hear the information contained in the message from the mouth of the sender. But currently, there is no technology to play text messages in the sender’s voice. This requires the development of technology. Not only that, the capacity of the machine should also be increased.

Technology Website

In a report, the technology website said that this idea of Apple may seem very great. However, there is considerable concern about whether the user’s voice will be used properly in this case. Deepfake and artificial intelligence (AI) technology are not as simple as it seems. A good idea to ask someone to listen is to ask them to send a voice message.

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