Smartphones, Simple photography ideas at home with phone

Photography ideas with a smartphone

Smartphones, Many people think that the quality of pictures will be better if they take pictures because the latest smartphones made by various companies have powerful cameras. But not only that, in order to take good quality pictures, one needs to know several techniques along with the camera. Let’s know six useful facts about smartphone photography.


Where is the light source?

When taking pictures, first of all, you need to know where the light source is. Because natural light is good for photography. But sometimes natural light casts shadows on other objects. Even if the amount of light behind the image is high, the camera lens cannot properly capture certain people or objects. So take pictures of people or objects on the opposite side of the light.

Regular camera lenses are clean

Due to keeping it in a hand or pocket for a long time every day, dirt gradually accumulates on the smartphone camera lens. As a result, the image appears blurry or blurred due to a dirty lens. So, no matter how expensive or powerful the smartphone’s camera is, the lens should be cleaned regularly with a dry cloth. Care must also be taken not to stain the lens when cleaning it.


Zoom in to take pictures

Even a few years ago smartphone cameras did not have optical zoom sensors. Now, most smartphones can use the optical zoom sensor facility. The quality of the images taken using this sensor is also better. So you have to use the zoom sensor when taking pictures.

Keep the smartphone in a fixed position and take pictures

Keep the smartphone steady while taking pictures. It protects the smartphone camera from unwanted handshakes and allows more light to enter the camera sensor. As a result, the picture becomes more perfect and beautiful.


Take pictures from different angles

Currently, the latest technology smartphones made by various companies have wide, ultrawide, macro, and telephoto sensors in multiple cameras. Therefore, photographs of certain people or objects should be taken from different angles rather than from the same location. Lenses with different types of sensors often result in better images at different positions.

Image editing

At present, with the help of various apps based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology, various things including light, color, and brightness of the image can be easily acquired. So after taking pictures, you have to edit them on your smartphone through various apps.

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