Research organization NASA, declare human settlement on the moon within a decade

Research of  NASA

The space research organization NASA is planning to start work on the project of building a facility suitable for human habitation on the moon. Once the performance and reliability of various parts and components of the Artemis project are proven, the human settlement will be ready in full swing.

The Orion spacecraft launched to the Moon on November 16 as part of the Artemis One mission. Orion construction project chief Howard Hu said future scientific missions to the moon would require long-term human habitation. In an interview given to the press, he described Orion’s journey to the moon aboard the SLS rocket as “a historic day in the history of human spaceflight”. Currently, Artemis is 58,800 miles away from the Moon. NASA designed Orion to carry astronauts to the moon. However, the first test mission did not carry any human passengers. Instead, there are three dolls or mannequins in it.

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Hu described the experience of watching the Nov. 16 Artemis One launch as “an incredible feeling” and “a blow.” If Artemis One is successful, a second mission will include human astronauts, Hu said. Orion will land the astronauts on the moon in the third mission. We know that the last time an astronaut set foot on the moon was in December 1972. A major reason for NASA’s desire to return to the Moon is to search for water at the moon’s south pole. If there really is water on the moon, he thinks it could be used as fuel for Mars spacecraft. We will send astronauts to land on the surface of the moon. They will go into space and conduct scientific research.

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NASA is a research organization that helps develop new ways to explore the universe. It has come up with some amazing theories about spaceflight and the universe. NASA also helps make discoveries about space technology.

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