Places to Travel in Asia in 2023

Best places to visit in Asia

Travel, the Christian New Year has begun. In this context, travel guide publishers, travel agencies to bloggers are now busy listing the best tourist destinations to enjoy a vacation this year.


There are many great tourist destinations in different parts of the world. It can be assumed that these tourist centers will be crowded with tourists in the new year. The list of tourist destinations in the world is quite long. Therefore, taking into consideration the travelers, South China Morning Post has presented information on the best tourist centers in Asia in a report.

Best places to visit in Asia with friends

For street food, choose from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia or Chiang Rai in Thailand. Taiwan or Indonesia may be best for diving to see a different world under the blue waters of the ocean. And you can go to the cities of the Silk Road to know the history and traditions.

One can choose to spend time in peace and tranquility in Bhutan or Japan’s Naoshima. To enjoy the beauty of remote areas, Si Phan Don in Laos or Palawan in the Philippines can be the best destinations. Tourists can also keep Sri Lanka in mind.

Food, cultural richness, big city thrills, relaxing time in the open air on the beach—Travel Plus Leisure asked its editors where they would like to travel in 2023.

Unique places to visit in Southeast Asia

The name Bhutan has appeared in the list of this American travel magazine. The country opened its doors to tourists last September. Favorites include Laos’ red-white-blue bullet trains. This train runs at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour from the capital Vientiane to Boten on the Chinese border. In between, the train makes a short break at the World Heritage-listed city of Luang Prabang.

Kyoto, Japan has topped the short list of travel destinations in Asia. The city was flooded with extra tourists before the pandemic, which had an impact on the city.


Kuala Lumpur’s street food has been praised in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2023. There are sidewalk vendors serving Chinese, Malay, and Indian five-course meals. The combination of jhal-sour noodles in the fish soup there has gained fame.

This influential travel publication paid tribute to King Ampat of Indonesia’s West Papua province. It consists of one and a half thousand islands. There are 540 types of corals and more than 1000 species of fish.

Asia ranked three of National Geographic’s 25 best tourist destinations for 2023. Laos’ high-speed bullet train draws praise South Korea’s Busan is on the list. There is Longmen Grotto in Henan Province, China. Over five centuries from 493 BC, over one hundred thousand Buddha images were carved into the limestone cliffs of Mount Longmen and Mount Jiang.

Top 6 tourist destinations in Southeast Asia

Six tourist destinations in Asia have made it to this year’s list by travel publisher Fodor. Among them is Si Phan Don in Laos, which consists of 4,000 islands. The beauty of this remote area is hidden from the eyes of many tourists. However, there are known tourists who rush there to enjoy this beauty.

Other places in Asia that made it to this year’s list of best tourist destinations by travel guide publishers, travel agencies, and bloggers include Southeast Asia’s carbon-neutral city, Puerto Princesa in the Philippines. The country’s Palawan and Cebu islands also made it to the list. Tourists are also interested in Uzbekistan’s ancient Silk Road cities of Bukhara, Samarkand, and Tashkent.

Most Important Place

Also on the top list are Taiwan’s Lambai Island, Cambodia’s Siem Reap, and India’s Shimla. The Indian state of Karnataka has also been named in the list for Bandipur National Park.

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