Microsoft Teams added Poll feature

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has added a poll feature to its business communication platform Microsoft Teams to get the opinions of others during online meetings. By using this facility, the opinion of others on specific issues can be easily known during the video call. As a result, various organizations can make quick decisions.


In addition to asking specific questions in the poll facility, multiple answers can also be entered. As a result, the people participating in the meeting can express their opinion quickly. Results will be known quickly. A poll facility is available in the Microsoft Teams chat box or Teams channel.

To enable the poll facility in Microsoft Teams, first, open the form by clicking on the forms icon under the chat box or Teams channel. After saving the question and multiple answers, the poll option will be previewed. If all information is correct click on send option.

Google said to be careful of fake mail in Gmail

Cybercriminals are carrying out spam and phishing attacks on Gmail in front of various events including Christmas. They show the temptation to offer various gifts or benefits in fake emails. If you click on the link in these emails, the file containing the malware can be downloaded and installed. As a result, cybercriminals can take control of a smartphone or computer remotely. And so Google requested Gmail users to be careful of fake mail.

According to Google, the number of fake emails in Gmail increases every year towards the end of the year. However, this year, spam and phishing attacks are happening more through fake mail. They have blocked more than 231 billion spam and phishing emails in the last two weeks.

Google advises several things to follow to stay safe from spam and phishing emails. The organization has asked to be careful while opening emails related to donations, and service registrations, including cards or gift emails sent by unknown persons or organizations.

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