Meta VR headset can be operated by touching the virtual screen

The Meta VR headset can be operated by touching the virtual screen

Meta VR, Facebook’s parent company Meta is launching its own Quest VR (virtual reality) headset with touchscreen capabilities. When this new facility is launched, one can do various tasks by touching the screen of the phone or tablet computer in addition to viewing various objects or images in the virtual world after wearing the Quist headset.

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Meta Information

According to Meta’s information, when this facility named Direct Touch is activated, different parts of the virtual screen can be touched with the finger in the manner of scrolling the phone screen. As a result, you will get the opportunity to easily scroll the page as well as change the page. Various features can even be turned on or off by touching the on-screen buttons.

Users’ hand movements will be detected through the camera on the Quest headset. Users can also view captured hand images in virtual reality. As a result, characters can be easily typed on the keyboard in the virtual world. Not only that but the information can also be displayed on the virtual screen. As a result, information can be easily changed or corrected.

Final word

Currently, the Quest headset can detect the user’s facial expressions, including eye movements, using tracking sensors. As a result, users can see their avatars (images or emojis) in the virtual world. When this new facility is launched, it will be possible to do various tasks virtually in mixed reality technology.

Source: The Verge

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