McAfee found adware in 38 games on the Play Store

McAfee found adware in 38 games

Many people play games on smartphones. For this, most of gamers regularly download games from Google Play Store. But avoiding the eyes of Google’s security system, adware named ‘Hidden Ads’ has spread to the phones of Android users through various games in the Play Store. In the meantime, a group of researchers from the cyber security company McAfee have found such adware in 38 games on the Play Store.


According to McAfee, many Android users mistakenly download games with adware because they are imitations of the popular game Minecraft. And so the games have already been downloaded more than 35 million times. Games with adware show advertisements from various organizations immediately after downloading. Not only that, it also launches ads on the phone without users’ knowledge. As a result, the phone heats up in addition to running slowly.


According to McAfee, Block Box Master Diamond tops the list of games with the most downloaded adware. The game has been downloaded more than 1 crore times. The apps with 50 million downloads are Craft Sword Mini Fun, Block Box Skyland Sword, and Craft Monster Crazy Sword. The apps with 1 million downloads are Block Pro Forest Diamond, Block Game Skyland Forest, Block Rainbow Sword Dragon, and Craft Rainbow Mini Builder.

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McAfee also informed Google about the presence of adware in various games on the Play Store. Google has already removed several games from the Play Store after verifying the matter.

According to cyber security experts, developers should check online before downloading apps to protect themselves from harmful games or apps. Also, need to know the experience of other users.

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