Lucida Laminate for Your Design Style

From Vintage to Contemporary: Choosing the Right Lucida Laminate for Your Design Style

Lucida Laminate has become a new fashion in the world of interior designing as it provides the best finishing touch to your home with an aesthetic appeal. It is a man-made surface décor that comes in various extensive choices such as solid colours, textures, prints, and patterns.

Lucida Laminate

These are generally made by pressing thin layers of paper and resins together. The application of laminates is very dynamic, making it a favourite choice among homeowners and interior designers. It can be used on any surface of the house, such as walls, kitchen cabinets, furniture, and many more.

Benefits of Lucida Laminates

Lucida Laminates equip your kitchen with many benefits to make your home look beautiful and your life easier. Here are some of the reasons to pick Lucida for your house:

Say Goodbye to Bacteria:

Hygiene is very important for the house as this makes sure that we live in a safe environment. It affects the safety of the family members living in the house. It is important to keep your home clean and free from bacteria and other microorganisms. This is where Lucida Laminates comes into the picture, which is enriched with Virokill technology. This highly developed technology helps in killing 99% of all bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. It is particularly helpful for the kitchen to keep your kitchen cabinets, dining table, utensils, and other edible items clean and maintain their hygiene.

Impact Resistant:

The special top layer of these laminates is built in such a way that it provides high impact resistance, thus, protecting your heavy objects from falling accidentally on them.

High Heat Resistant:

Heat resistance is super important when it comes to places like kitchens as they are constantly in contact with heat. Lucida keeps this in mind and provides laminates that are heat resistant and, thus, make your life easier.


Your house is easy to clean when it is equipped with Lucida, as these laminates are easy to clean. It can be cleaned with a single swipe, be it dust or any stain. Cleanliness came with a low effort when you chose Lucida.

Give Your House a Finishing Touch

Do you want to give your house an aesthetic appeal but in a cost-effective way? Well, you have to think no more. Lucida Laminates comes in different textures, patterns, and colours with multiple benefits to give your house a finishing touch.

Lucida Laminate

The decorative Laminates of Lucida provide an aesthetic appeal in terms of patterns. These laminate sheets will meet your needs for interior designing and will give you your dreamlike interiors.

These days, people have become fond of vintage items and vintage decorations. In case you are considering opting for a vintage look for your house, Lucida woodgrain design will be the best option. These woodgrain designs from Lucida will give your house the vintage aesthetic in the purest form with low maintenance and high quality. These would also provide you elegant chic environment with an organic feel.

If you don’t want to opt for a vintage look but a contemporary look, you can choose the laminate sheets from a variety of options. You can opt for Lucida solids to give your house a contemporary interior design. The heavy contrast visuals on Lucida solids are a go-to fundamental for a contemporary design and give the best look to your home. You can also choose Lucida Glitters. As the name already suggests, it comes with a shiny finish and is designed for people who love glittery looks on the interiors of their houses.


When you are choosing laminates for your house, make sure that these laminates are of premium quality so that they can resist their exposure to heat and moisture. Lucida Laminates by CenturyLaminates provides the best premium quality laminate sheets without compromising its styles. It is a combination of an exotic design and multiple benefits with cost affordability.

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