Live shopping facility is closing on Instagram

Live Shopping facility is closing

Instagram is very popular among teenagers because of the easy sharing of pictures and videos. Merchandise can also be sold directly using the social media’s Live Shopping facility for publishing owned images and videos. However, Instagram authorities have decided to stop their live shopping facilities due to a lack of popularity among users. Under the new plan, Instagram’s live shopping feature will be shut down on March 16.


Instagram’s Live Shopping feature allows selected content creators or businesses to automatically display one or more product tags on screen when promoting products online. By clicking on the tags, you can easily buy the required products online as you can know the price along with the detailed information of the product.

In a statement, This platform owner said that even though the live shopping facility is closed, anyone can display and sell products privately online through the live option. Note that products can be sold and promoted using the shopping feature of Instagram Reels.


Instagram is the best platform for any eCommerce product selling. Here have huge organic visitors for online business. So that is the best place for us for any business.

Source: Times of India

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