Is short videos on youtube monetized

Yes! You can earn from YouTube shorts from February

Short Videos, is going to launch an income opportunity for Youtube short video creators next February 2023. Under this new initiative, a separate monetization program will be launched for short video makers. As a result, the creators of the video will get a certain share of the revenue from the advertisements shown in the short video. Through this, you can earn separately by making short videos in addition to regular YouTube videos.

YouTube Short Videos

Video YouTube said

Video YouTube said in a blog post that a monetization facility for short videos will be introduced in early February. From the day the makers are eligible for this facility, they can earn a certain share of the advertisement displayed on the short video. But for this, short video creators must join YouTube’s new partner program.

It should be noted that videos of a maximum of 60 seconds can be created and exchanged on YouTube shorts. These videos are very popular on YouTube due to their small size. However, as the monetization program is not running, it is currently not possible to earn by making these videos. And so this time, YouTube has taken the initiative to provide income opportunities to creators by showing ads in short videos like the original video.

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It is known that the channel must have at least 1000 subscribers for earning from short videos. Not only that, the channel must have at least four thousand hours of viewing time in a year. It is expected that the number of users of YouTube shorts will increase further if this new facility is introduced.

Final Words: 

It is really amazing for all Youtuber, Because Facebook recently announced facebook short video income, but all countries did not accept this permission yet. So all YouTubers or Facebook short video creators can be taking the opportunity. And Generate more money from Youtube Channels.

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