How to send WhatsApp messages without Save the number

WhatsApp messages New Tricks without saving the phone number

Everyone can easily send WhatsApp messages to known people through the phone number on their smartphone. For this, before sending WhatsApp messages to new acquaintances or strangers, they need to save their phone numbers on their own phones. Many people don’t want to store the phone numbers of strangers unless they need to exchange messages regularly. But WhatsApp messages can be sent to a specific person without saving the phone number.

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One cannot directly message a person on WhatsApp without a phone number. For this, you have to use WhatsApp’s Message Yourself facility. WhatsApp recently launched this feature to allow users to send messages to themselves from their WhatsApp accounts.

Whatsapp massage
To send a message to a specific person on WhatsApp without saving the phone number, first, send that

  • Person’s phone number to your WhatsApp account through the Message Yourself facility.
  • Then open the chat box of Message Yourself
  • And click on the number and tap on Chat with option. A new chat box will appear.
  • Finally, Enter the required information here and click on the send option to send the WhatsApp message to that person.

Finally Neccessaty of Whatsapp

Every day needs Whatsapp messaging for each other for business or personal purposes. But very big boring matter new number not to send to massage without saving. As result lost time every day. I think Whatsapp gives the right decessions and gives us nice massaging access for every user.

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