How to Make A variety of flavored Teas Recipes

Delicious Tea

Flavored Tea, During the winter season, the house has a steady flow of guests. But entertaining guests is not easy. He should be cared for as a guest. A very close friend or someone you know, if there is no tea in the chat, it is not good. But now everyone sips liquor tea without sugar for fear of diabetes and weight gain. Tea also has variations. A few new flavored teas can be made to make the winter evening party more inviting and to captivate the guests.

Flavored Tea

Kashmiri Kawa

A very popular tea hall in Kashmir is Kawa. Its taste and aroma will be remembered forever. You can also enjoy this Kashmiri Kawa at home. The main ingredient of this tea is saffron. Add cinnamon and cardamom. These three ingredients can be boiled together to make Kashmir’s famous kava tea.

Pink tea

Another tea from Kashmir is rose tea. It is also called salt tea. Apart from Kashmir, this tea is also found in Rajasthan and Nepal. The color of tea can be guessed by hearing the name. Cardamom is given along with the tea leaves while making this tea. A little baking soda is also mixed with it. That is why its color is pink. When guests come, you can make it instead of monotonous milk tea or liquor tea.

Flavored Tea

Butter tea

Butter tea is popular in several regions of Ladakh, including Sikkim. The main ingredient for making this tea is butter. Butter tea is made by mixing a little salt, some tea leaves, and butter together and boiling it in water. A cloud of butter will float over the tea when poured into the cup. It will feel as if you are eating cream, not tea. Children will also like this tea.

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Dum tea

Dum Cha of Hyderabad is famous. But one evening you can taste that tea sitting at home. Wrap sugar, tea leaves, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and star anise together in a cotton cloth. Dip this doll in a glass of hot water. Your dum tea is made at home in just a few minutes. Where this tea is famous, Dum Cha is produced on a slightly larger scale. But this method is enough for a domestic chat.

Tulsi tea

Winter means cold Flavored Teas. You can make Tulsi tea instead of regular liquor tea. Taste and body will take care of both. Tulsi tea is made by mixing little tea leaves with tulsi leaves and honey and boiling it.

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