How to learn SEO 2023?

How to learn SEO A to Z guide

Are you new to SEO? Thinking, about how to learn SEO? Should you need SEO help, how can I go about it? What process< 2022 to do SEO any Search Engine Ranking? Okay, if so this article is for you. Here I explain step-by-step SEO rules for beginners and you can start your practice with my sessions.

Step 1:

Q/A: What is SEO?

SEO means, Search Engine Optimization, which updates your keyword’s positions in Search Engines. Your website increases visibility, so update your positions with the SEO task. The first step starts a search engine in the 1990s. In that time to begin SEO work, presently SEO work is very necessary works in all marketing strategies for every industry.

If you want to know properly SEO if so must be prepared for technique and analytical work. SEO has, So many techniques but overall need to want search engine top ranking.

In a word, SEO is a search query for a searcher’s reach to a website.

Very hard on SEO?

E.g. every search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing) used its own ranking algorithms. Google used 200+ ranking factors for website ranking. In addition to developing backlinks and SEO, it’s important to focus on other ranking factors. Even if you don’t know another factor.

Funny example supposes, some soup in a bowl, here…..

  1. Bowl is technical SEO. It is really, Soup must be spread down without a bowl
  2. Soup to the mean is website content. Bad Content= No Rank
  3. Soup materials mean backlinks, through which your website introduces authority.

Search Engines rank your website by using search instances. If you are responsive to search engine optimization-based search instances, make a website, item reviews, and stay to continue with SEO optimization, then search engine optimize your blog.

How to practice SEO? Someone need help?

If you want to learn SEO in 2022, must need practice besides reading. You can get many resources for learning SEO like YouTube, and Google. But need to know to learn from nowhere? So, you can start to learn the online resource and do SEO learning courses.

How to work a Search Engine?

Search engine work on three types:

  1. Caroling
  2. Indexing
  3. And Result


Firstly Search Engine sent to Robot to a page or Post, according to the website’s site map. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the names of the Google bot, the Bing bot, and the Yahoo bot. Secondly robot carol websites all content or page and collect the websites database information. When you update any information on your websites, search engine in time caroling and collecting database.


Index means search engine caroling. When search engine caroling, automatically indexing all data occurs.


When any one user searches any data by the keywords in a search engine. Search engines find the data from their millions, millions database according to keywords. The algorithms carried out by the search engine deliver results for the search query.

Part -2

All of which to know for SEO


Keywords that are related to the terms you search for in search engines, such as google and yahoo. And google result show million, million websites according to search intense. Keywords mean searching words.

Why need keyword research?

You can attract a great deal of traffic when you have a website with the right keywords for your niche. As well as with your niche website business or any other online eCommerce company. In fact, at the root of everything is good keyword research. To start with, search for such as keywords, that are low competitive. Low competitive keywords, can be done easily in a very search engine. So that’s it keywords are very important.

How do keyword research perfectly?

Step-01: Firstly do a study about your niche. If you are niche blogging, you can research from all top or google news, and your niche site a centered on amazon products, you easily do full research from the directory.

Step-02: Set goals, which business niche take to go ahead, as well as list topics of your relevance.

Step-03: Ready to do seat keywords list, so that you can understand and try to people search intensely. You can use Buzzsumo for people to search intensely to understand.

Step-04: You can choose as long tail keywords, that competition low. For that manual check or tools for searching for keywords, you have to do it manually.  And you can also use Ahrefs, SEMrush, KW everywhere, keyword surfer, Ubersuggest tools, and free or paid versions.

On-Page SEO

A most important part of On-page SEO is, Most people are not well to do on-page, and as result, not give to website performance. On-page SEO is the reason that your website does not face problems with ranking. If you well done On-page, you can get a good amount of visitors.

Let’s find out, how to do perfect on-page.

Make a good headline:

Good headline, want to be like that:

  • People want to title reads
  • Start to primary keywords
  • With Supportive keywords

Shorten your URL

If you do a short URL or page, you get a good advantage for search engine optimization. Examples:taphoka: On-page-SEO-checklist-guideline. bugha: On-page-SEO checklist, you can practice this with confidence, and this is the right strategy.

Keywords used in URL:

Used main keywords in the URL, and keep it as small as possible.

SEO title and Meta description:

CTR percent will increase, and your webpage’s title and meta description. And finally, get more traffic to your website. Need to

  • SEO titles keep not more than 60 characters
  • Meta description below to 160 characters, that’s good 155-158 characters.
  • Put first primary keywords with supportive keywords in the title

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