How to create images with Bing’s artificial intelligence

Create images with Bing’s artificial intelligence

Bing search engines can automatically create the necessary images by understanding the content of the text. Microsoft has recently added artificial intelligence (AI) technology ‘Bing Image Creator’ to the search engine to provide this new facility. According to the company, Bing Image Creator can create the required image in a few seconds using the DALL-E (DALL-E) deep learning model developed by Open AI, the maker of ChatGPT.

Bing Search Engines

Microsoft says anyone can create images using the Bing Image Creator tool for free. But for this several procedures have to be followed. First of all, you will need a Microsoft account. Let’s take a look at how the Bing search engine generates images with artificial intelligence.

Bing search engine artificial intelligence to generate images first requires access to the Microsoft Edge browser. Then login to the browser using your Microsoft account and enter or website this address. Then click on the chat button and select the ‘Choose a conversation style’ and ‘More creative’ options. Bing search engines will create the image by writing the content or description of the image in the chat box. If you want, you can use your imagination or creativity to create new pictures.

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