How to create a lock folder in Google Photos

Create a lock folder in Google Photos

Most Android phones come with the Google Photos app built-in. The popular online photo sharing facility allows you to save photos as well as send them to different locations. It is possible to save personal or important pictures safely by creating a locked folder in Google Photos. Lock Folder can be activated with fingerprint, so even if the password is stolen, the photos are safe. Let’s see how to enable lock folder in Google Photos from Android phone.

Google Photos

To create a locked folder in Google Photos, first enter the Google Photos app. Then tap on the Library option on the page that appears and select Utilities. Now select setup lock folder and verify identity with fingerprint. After identity verification, clicking on the Move Items button and selecting personal photos or videos will save them to the folder. If you want, you can also click on the photo plus icon on the top right to save the picture to the folder. The locked folder can be accessed later by scrolling down to the Utilities option.

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