How to Cook Food in the Microwave best 5 Items

Cooking, spices, or boiling all can be done in the microwave, but how do you know, how?

Microwave, In addition to heating food, many of the daily tasks can easily be done in the microwave, did you know before? In a hurry, cooking alone, cutting, washing, spices, etc. – etc. are quite jerky. On the other hand, many hobbies have bought a microwave oven with sophisticated facilities to make cakes. But in the absence of time, the device is nothing special than heating the food. Quota, bowl, boiling, so many things can be made easy for this day, you know?


1) The garlic

Single garlic in the hand alone, then bata. In a hurry, this is what someone else does. But what to do if there is no one to help? Cut the whole garlic head without leaving the koa in such a way that the koa can be seen even if it is crushed. This time, take a little water in a container that can be used in the microwave and spread 1 teaspoon of olive oil in it. Garlic cut in the day. Heat it in the micro mode for 5 minutes. Leave it in that state for a moment. When cold, take the garlic well with the crust. Once it is done, separate the pelvis from the top.

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2) To reduce the onion’s shake

Water from the eyes when you cut the onion? With Avne’s help, you can get rid of this problem. Put on the two sides of the onion, and put it in the microwave. Heat it in the micro mode for 5 seconds. After that, cut the onion, there will be no water from the eyes.

3) To soften the lemon

Although the juice is left inside the refrigerator for a long time, it becomes like a strong shell. It is a very difficult task to get juice from lemon. But this difficult task can make it easier. Wash the lemon well, and turn it into a micro mode for 5 seconds. The lemon peel will also be soft, and the juice will be easy to bar.


4) Fry

To make the fried foods or chips again for a long time, put a clean towel on the baking tray first. After that, micro the micro with fried foods. Open and see how folded, otherwise, set it once more for 5 seconds and micro.

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5) To boil the potatoes

Pulses and rice were already made. But the curry suddenly burned while cooking. The stomach is pouring on this side. It will take ten minutes to boil a few potatoes. That time is not in the hands. No worries if you are at home. The potatoes will be made in just five minutes. Just wash the potatoes with water and a pellet in the ovenproof container and give them into micro mode. Be sure to take a little hole with a thorn or stick it on the potatoes before giving it to the alley.

Carefully Word:

Cooking and spices can be done in the microwave, but it is best to know how to do it so that you don’t burn yourself or others. Just remember to be careful with the heat and be sure not to overcook or use too much of any one ingredient.

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