Honeymoon destinations 2023

Do you want to spend your honeymoon on a deserted island, not in the mountains and forests? Where can you go except Andaman?

Honeymoon Destinations, Arguing with the bride-to-be about where to go on a honeymoon after marriage. He likes the mountains, and the forest pulls you! It is not mountains or jungles to ease the difficulty, but a beautiful island should be your honeymoon destination. Are you thinking that the Andaman-Nicobar Islands are islands in India? Spending time with loved ones on an unknown island is not bad. Find out where you can go to enjoy the beauty of the island.

Honeymoon destinations

St. Mary’s Island, Karnataka

This island is also known as ‘Coconut Island’. This island is located on Malpe beach in Karnataka. Many claims that Vasco da Gama visited this island while visiting Kerala. The island is dotted with hexagonal volcanic rocks. You won’t even realize how time will fly by sitting quietly and watching the sunset in the seawater.

Umanand Island, Assam

It is the smallest, and most beautiful river island in the world. Umananda raised his head and announced his presence in the forest surrounded by greenery between the Brahmaputra. You will see a lot of peacocks if you go here. There is also a small temple in the middle of the thick forest. If you want to witness the thrilling experience, visit this island in Assam.

This is Grand, Goa

The number of small and big islands across Goa is not less. However, this Grand is one of the few that has made a place in the minds of tourists. On one side, lush green vegetation on the other side, rocky terrain, with the beauty of the green-blue Arabian Sea. If you want, you can enjoy different types of ‘water sports’ in the midst of beautiful nature. You can keep this secluded island on your wish list to spend some time with your loved ones.

Divar Island, Goa

For a honeymoon, you can keep Divar Island, which smells of the Portuguese Empire, on your wish list. This island has a small beach, narrow roads around it, Pagar, silence, and beauty. When visiting Goa, don’t forget to visit the old church on top of the hill.

Honeymoon destinations

Munro Island, Kerala

Munro Island in Kerala above Astamudi Lake and Kalada River. This picture-perfect island is not to be missed when visiting Kerala. You will not feel bad spending time on this island in a pleasant environment!

Honeymoon destinations:

Andaman is a great nice place to spend your honeymoon. It is isolated and undeveloped, making it perfect for a relaxing vacation. With its crystal clear waters, forested hills, and sandy beaches, Andaman is a place you won’t want to leave. More Travels Spots.

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