Have you stopped eating sugar for fear of diabetes?

 Does eating artificial sugar increase the risk of cancer?

Diabetes and Cancer – just hearing the name makes the lips dry. What comes to the throat as if curled up? If someone in the family is affected by this disease, the thorn of time stops. This disease is in no way less than an epidemic. As recommended by World Health Organization, Presently cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. However, common people are still less aware of the symptoms of this deadly disease. Especially, if the type of cancer is rare in nature, people may not realize the importance of the symptoms for a long time. So the treatment time passes. The disease is so deadly that it doesn’t take long to spread.


Wrong Conceptions about Cancer:

Many people have many misconceptions about cancer. But due to all these concepts, the mental stress of cancer patients increases. Apart from that, the fear of getting cancer remains in the minds of common people, because of all these misconceptions. It’s good to know the biggest misconceptions about cancer.

1) Cancer Infectious Diseases:

There are so many awareness campaigns about cancer throughout the year. However, this idea could not be erased from the minds of many people. Many people think that coming in contact with a cancer patient increases the risk of cancer. It is very important to change this concept. Cancer is not a contagious disease. But this behavior of ours causes pain in the hearts of cancer patients.

2) Breast cancer is for women:

Breast cancer is a disease of women – this idea is not correct. Men are also affected by this disease, although the number is relatively less. Symptoms of breast cancer in both men and women should not be ignored. The cure rate for this cancer is very high if it is caught in the early stages.


3) Excessive use of mobile phones causes cancer:

Using mobile phones can cause cancer in the body – this idea is completely wrong. No studies or surveys support this.

4) Eating artificial sugar causes cancer:

Diabetes patients are now in every household. So instead of sugar now artificial sugar! But many people think that eating this sugar causes cancer. This idea is wrong. No study has yet found that artificial sugar causes cancer.

5) Eating food heated in the microwave causes cancer:

Many people think that heating food in the microwave causes radioactive radiation. As a result, eating that food increases the risk of cancer in the human body. Presently such information was not found in any study. So do not keep unnecessary fear in your mind. However, heating food in plastic bowls is not healthy. It is best to use microwave-safe containers or other metal.


Many people have stopped eating sugar for fear of developing diabetes. This can be a dangerous decision because it can make you sick and limit your life. If you want to live a healthy life, it is important to do your research and find out what is safe for you.

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