Google meet online Update 2023

Emoji in Google Meet video calls

Google Meet Online, Popular video conferencing software Google Meet is introducing the opportunity to use different types of emojis during video calls. As a result, you can easily express your thoughts on specific issues during online meetings. In this new facility, different types of emojis will be available in the emoji reaction option under the screen while making a video call.

Google Meet Online

Users can easily express their agreement, disagreement, or disagreement with the speech of others by using their favorite emojis. The emojis will appear next to the specific speaker’s photo. This will allow others to join the video call to see them. All users will get this opportunity gradually.

It should be noted that Google Meet was working to introduce an emoji facility in video calls for almost a year.

Chrome security flaw fixed

At the beginning of the year, Google released an updated version of the Chrome browser that fixed 17 security flaws. Presently, by Exploiting these flaws, hackers could carry out cyber attacks, collect user information, and more. Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system devices can use the latest version of the Chrome browser.

Google said several of the security flaws were serious. Some defects were of normal or medium risk. However, the flaws could have posed a major threat to the users. Gradually all users will be able to use the updated version. Google requested to take down the version as soon as it became available. Google Chrome is now more secure, user-friendly, and Modern update in the world.

Google meet app

Google Meet Online app, Very popular and user-friendly for Google users, Presently add emoji, that can easily use at every meeting join member. Emoji means reaction, people express their own expression. So I think presently Google Meet Online apps do help more enjoyable meeting times.

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