Google launched the ‘Auto Archive’ facility for Mobile Phone Users

Google launched the ‘Auto Archive’ facility to increase the capacity of mobile phones

Mobile Phone, Even if not used regularly, various apps take up space on the phone. And so to increase the capacity of the mobile phone, many people delete unnecessary and not regularly used apps. But it also permanently deletes the data contained in the apps. As a result, the previous information is no longer available during reinstallation. Google has launched the ‘Auto Archive’ facility to solve the problem. Using this feature, instead of deleting unnecessary apps, they can be saved in smaller sizes. As a result, the capacity of the mobile phone will not be used much.

Mobile Phone

Auto archive feature

Google says the Auto Archive feature will reduce the size of unused apps by up to 60 percent. Archived apps will be deleted from the app list but will still be visible as a cloud icon on the phone’s home screen. As a result, users can easily identify apps. Clicking on the specific archived app when needed will reinstall it with previous information.

The introduction of this new facility will benefit mobile phone users with low capacity. Not only that, users who don’t want to delete apps from the phone, can use this facility to store unnecessary apps in a separate place. However, not all apps can use the auto archive facility. Auto archive facility needs to be enabled while installing new apps from the play store.

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