Google is bringing its own chatbot to prevent ChatGPT

Google is bringing its own chatbot

ChatGPT, in November last year, OpenAI launched the artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbot ‘ChatGPT’. It quickly came into discussion and gained popularity. Google is also bringing AI-based chatbots (automatic texting programs) to compete with ChatGPT. Google is expected to unveil its own chatbot at an AI event scheduled for February 8.


CEO Sundar Pichai

Earlier, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced the plan to bring chatbots at last year’s fourth quarter financial report release event. Sundar Pichai then said that Google has been developing its AI chatbot since early 2022 and Google has ‘big plans’ for it.

AI chatbot

Google’s first AI chatbot for public use is expected to be LAMDA or Lambda. The use of this chatbot was until now limited to Google engineers and testers as experimental or beta. However, according to a report by technology media The Verge, Google has announced a search and AI program. Its title is ‘Google Presents: Live from Paris’. It will be held on February 8. It is at this event that Google will unveil its own AI chatbot, which will compete with ChatGPT.

Final Report

The Verge report also said that Google has also sent out an invitation for the event. The 40-minute program will be broadcast live on YouTube. According to the event description on YouTube, Google is rethinking how people search for information, search, and have conversations. The company plans to make the process of finding what the user needs more natural and intuitive. At the event, Google will discuss how people everywhere can get more information through searches, maps, and beyond.

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