Google has taken the initiative of more relevant translation

Google has taken the initiative to update

Google, The world-famous technology company Google has announced to bring new facilities for translating from one language to another language in Google Translate. The announcement was made at the ‘Live from Paris’ event on February 8. Benefits include improved translation time, relevant word search, redesigned Search Engine Translate for iOS, and seamless translation capabilities in augmented reality (AR) glasses.


Google Company

According to Google, the company is making translations of English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish languages more relevant. That is, words or phrases that have multiple meanings will be translated based on relevance. The translated sentences will appear natural and relevant to the user. It will work much like the Lingui and Reverso apps.

In addition, if a user is not fluent in a language, he will be given the option to prevent the use of offensive or hateful meanings of a phrase. According to Search, users will get these updates within a week. Initially, the facility is offered in five languages but later it will be rolled out in more languages. At the same event, the company also announced the launch of new facilities for Google Maps.

Google Translate Andriod App

Last year, the company released the update of Translate’s Android app. Now the company has brought this new feature and ‘refresh user interface’ for iOS operating system-powered iPhones.

Apart from this, a powerful color feature has been introduced in the iOS app. This will make the translation more readable. The redesigned app allows users to quickly select what has been recently translated and what language they have used.

Google has introduced another 33 languages

Recently, Google has introduced another 33 languages translation facility offline (internet connection disconnected) in the iOS app. Earlier in September last year, Presently Search Engine showed a new translation process, where the translated text can be seamlessly blended into the background image (background image). That is, if the user also translates the poster written into another language, it will not seem irrelevant. Users will get this benefit on Android smartphones with 6GB or more RAM.

Source: TechCrunch

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