Follow these simple cooking tips

Be healthy as well as taste nutritional!

Cooking Tips, Adding more oil and spices in cooking does not make the taste better. Cook in little oil, on low heat. It maintains both the taste and nutrition of the food

Cooking Tips

Many people think that healthy cooking tips mean spicy and, oil-cooked food. And boiled food has no taste. Rather, if you use oil, ghee, and cream all together to cook, the taste of the food will be different. But this idea is completely wrong. Food is never eaten well if it is cooked with extra oil and spices.

Cooking Technique

Oil, spices, sweets, and salt are all required in equal amounts in food. Also, pay attention to the cooking technique. Only then it is possible to make delicious food. Also, it is very important to know how to cook a portion of food to increase its taste and nutrition. As meat and fish taste better when marinated, cauliflower, curry beans, and corn are better when cooked by lightly steaming them.

Cooking Tips

Nutritional value

Boiling increases the nutritional value of food. Boiled water is often said to be used for cooking. But never overcook it. It spoils the nutritional value. Potatoes, beets, lentils, and curry can be boiled. However, soft vegetables such as broccoli, and beans spread their nutrients in the water, so it is better not to keep them in water for a long time. Also, shelled vegetables such as peas and corn can be boiled for a while.

Again boil these green tomatoes well and cook them by adding water. It is good to eat.

Broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, beans, and cabbage are better eaten when steamed. Otherwise, the broccoli is likely to melt if overcooked. And then it doesn’t feel good to eat at all. So be careful about this. Steam the fish. This means the best test. That’s why we like to eat hilsa vape, and shrimp vape so much.

It is better to use less cooking oil for health reasons. Fast cooking with high heat and little oil can preserve the color and flavor of the food. In that case, use vegetable oil. For example, olive oil, sunflower oil, or rice bran oil.


Instead of frying in filtered oil, star fries are fried in a small amount of oil in a non-stick pan. You can add your favorite sauce to enhance the taste. Any vegetable, chicken, or fish can be star fried.

Cooking Tips

Chicken or fish items are good to eat if you roast them. Along with that, oil spices are also very less in quantity.

Indian spices have no match. The kitchen is stocked with many spices. And finally do not forget to use spices. If you use coriander, turmeric, cumin, chili, coriander, fenugreek, mustard, and poppy seeds, the taste of cooking is so open.

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