Can you Sold and Boutht Products in Snapchat?

Augmented reality technology allows products to be bought and sold on Snapchat

Snapchat has launched the ‘Shopping Suite’ lens to provide an opportunity to buy and sell products through AR (Augmented Reality) technology. As a result of the launch of this new facility, various companies will be able to open virtual shops based on augmented reality technology and sell products in the instant messaging app. Not only that, customers can also test different brands by adding their own photos before buying them. As a result, clothes purchased from virtual stores will not be small or large.



Snapchat is very popular among young people because of the opportunity to create different types of artificial atmospheres including changing the appearance of the picture by using AR lenses and filters. It is expected that users as well as various organizations will benefit from the introduction of the opportunity to buy and sell products in augmented reality technology.

According to Snapchat, the new AR lens will automatically add the outfit to the photo if you send a photo of yourself after choosing an outfit in the virtual store. As seen in three-dimensional technology, how the garment will look when worn, it can be tested at home. Any business can sell virtual products using this facility directly on their app or website.

Snapchat has recently introduced an audio recommendation tool in its augmented reality lens filter. The new tool can automatically recommend different audio clips for creators by reviewing the content of images and videos. As a result, creators can easily add different songs or tunes to the video.

Source: The Verge

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