Bigtime vs Bitrix24: Which is Affordable option for Your Business

Bigtime vs Bitrix24, When it comes to looking for the best mobile app to purchase, there are many different options. While the best options will vary based on the features you are looking for, there are a few important things to consider when choosing. For example, what are the pricing options available? Having a solid understanding of these is essential when making your purchase.


Bigtime Pricing

If you’re looking for a software solution to help your business grow and improve efficiency, then you’ve probably come across Bitrix24. This cloud-based platform allows you to manage your business’s calendar, tasks, telephony, and file sharing. Bigtime pricing also offers a free trial if you’re interested in giving it a go. However, it’s important to note that the company’s pricing scheme changes from month to month. Generally, it’s a one-time fee for up to 300 users, with custom pricing available for larger organizations. Among the more notable features, you can see a Gantt Chart of your projects, assign tasks to colleagues, and share files with a single click.

There are also more technical details to consider, such as the amount of memory and disk space you’ll need. The company also boasts a large library of documentation and support. In addition, you can check out their YouTube channel for some video tutorials and demonstrations. And you can even sign up for their free webinars.

Bitrix24 Pricing

Bitrix24 is a CRM and project management tool that allows teams to organize, collaborate, and manage their business. The software is available in both cloud and on-premise versions. It is an all-in-one solution that can be used by small businesses or large organizations. It is considered to be one of the best free CRMs available.

If you want to learn more about how to use Bitrix24, you can take advantage of its extensive training program. They offer both online and in-person courses. The company maintains a YouTube channel, where users can access educational presentations and webinars. Moreover, they have a FAQ page and links to popular how-to videos.

They also provide an on-demand video course, called Bitrix24 Implementation Masterclass. It is authored by Gaurav Soni, and Bitrix24 pricing covers the self-hosted and cloud versions of the software. It includes more than 9 hours of on-demand video material. It is the perfect course for beginners or for more experienced users looking to improve their knowledge of Bitrix24.

Bigtime Features

BigTime project management software empowers accountants, engineers and architects, government agencies and legal, marketing, and consultants with the tools necessary for workflow management, resource allocation, billion and project planning and management. This software allows users to easily enter data and log time. This software allows organizations to improve their processes and streamline their workflows for engagement lifecycle stages. BigTime project management software also provides automated dashboards to assist with the management and review of projects.


Bitrix24 product

The Bitrix24 product line is an all-in-one business solution that helps companies of all sizes manage their business, tasks, and customers. It includes a suite of collaboration tools, including a customer relationship management tool (CRM), project and team management tools, and automated sales and marketing solutions. It also includes a full-featured telephony application that supports multiple platforms. Designed for small to mid-sized businesses, it also boasts a free 30-day trial and discounts for longer-term subscriptions.

The BigTime product is a cloud-based project management software used by more than 2,000 professional firms. It features a Gantt Chart that enables users to see tasks, as well as assign and track them. It also integrates with several productivity and accounting applications and can be used out of the office. Its most impressive feature is its ability to track employees’ time and productivity.

Aside from the cloud-based application, Bitrix offers a variety of other services to help customers get the most out of the program. They include a helpful helpdesk page, and a number of courses and videos to teach customers everything from how to customize the product to how to leverage the most out of the various features.

Bitrix24 Features

Bitrix24 is one of the top collaboration platforms on the market. It includes project management, CRM, telephony, and communication module. It’s a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes. It helps teams to manage their business effectively. It’s been used by over six million companies worldwide. The company offers on-premise and cloud-based versions.


Bitrix24 offers a free 30-day trial. The company also offers discounts for two or more-year plans. There is a help desk and online webinars. The company has a YouTube channel. The videos on this channel include demos, educational presentations, and a Q&A session. There are also webinars in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

Bitrix24 CRM Training

The company also offers five training courses. The Bitrix24 CRM Training is a 5-hour course designed for business administration students, corporate employees, and support personnel. It covers CRM, billing, user interface, and working with leads and contacts. The CRM training has been updated in November 2018.

Another course is the Bitrix24 User. It is a course for beginners. It is a self-paced course that covers the basics of Bitrix24. More reads about: BQE Core Software

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