Apple Music, TV apps coming to Windows 2023

Apple Music, TV apps coming to Windows

The wait is finally over and the Apple Music and Apple TV apps are finally open for Windows 11. Both apps are now available on the Microsoft Store. Apart from this, an app called Apple Device is also available in the Windows Store. As a result, Apple’s iPhone and iPad can be controlled from the Windows operating system.

Apple TV

Apps cannot be found directly from the Microsoft Store. Apart from this, as the apps are in the preview version, there is a fear that the expected performance will not be available.

Users cannot launch iTunes after installing preview versions of the Apple Music, or Devices apps. Users will not be able to access it until a new version of iTunes is released.

Apple Music, TV and Devices app is state of the art. Apps are similar to Mac OS apps.

It’s hard to find apps easily in the Microsoft Store. However, those interested in technology are hopeful that this issue will be resolved soon.

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