Apple has launched two new Minis MacBook

Launched two new Mac minis

Apple has introduced new MacBook mini-computers with M2 and M2 Pro chips. MacBook Mini with an M2 chip is more powerful, better featured, and more affordable than ever. The Apple MacBook Mini with this chip will be available for $599. In addition, the new M2 Pro chip has been added to the MacBook Mini for the first time. The computer will work much better because of this chip. Users can easily do heavy work like graphics, animation, or video editing. Such performance was previously unimaginable in such a compact design. Two monitors can be added to the M2 model and three monitors to the M2 Pro model.


Studio Display

Studio Display, along with advanced components, will provide a Mac Mini desktop computer experience on the macOS operating system. As a result, user productivity will increase. The sleek design of the Mac Mini makes it easy to carry. Compared to the previous two versions of the MacBook Mini, the improved processor (CPU) and graphics processor (GPU) have been used. These two computers have much more memory bandwidth and powerful media features. Apple has used advanced thermal systems in both devices to make them more durable.

Mack Book M-2

The MacBook Mini M-2 has an eight-core CPU and a 10-core GPU. Priced at $599, it is quite affordable. It has up to 24 GB of unified memory and a memory bandwidth of 100 GB per second. As a result, using photo editing software will be smoother. Two videos of 30 fps, 8K Pro resolution can be played simultaneously. As a result, users will get a better experience in video editing.

The MacBook Mini M2 Pro has a 12-core processor and a 19-core GPU. It has a memory bandwidth of 200 GB per second. Apart from this, it will support up to 32 GB of memory. Up to five 30fps 8K Pro resolution videos can be played simultaneously. Up to 23 4K Pro resolution, 422 videos can be played simultaneously. As a result, users will get a better experience in video editing.

New addition

Both models have two USB-A ports, an HDMI port, a Gigabit Ethernet port with a 10GB option, and an updated headphone jack. There is wireless Wi-Fi 6e5 and Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity.

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