7 important and useful features of smartphones

Useful features of smartphones

A smartphone can seemingly do a lot of things. However, users often use smartphones for specific tasks. A smartphone can do a lot more than browse websites, exchange e-mails, use various apps, make video calls, listen to music, watch videos and send text messages. However, smartphones now have so many features that sometimes it becomes difficult to remember them. Some of the unknown benefits of smartphones can make our daily life easier and more efficient. Here are seven such benefits.


Scanning documents

Printing a document, scanning it, and then making a digital copy and e-mailing it is a cumbersome task. A digital copy can be made by scanning documents with a smartphone very easily without the need for a device like a scanner. Document scanning is available from the Notes app on the iPhone. Documents can be scanned using the Android phone’s camera. Apart from this, various smartphone apps have this advantage.

Starting the car

Smartphones can be used as car keys. However, the availability of the facility may vary depending on the vehicle model, version and the year the vehicle was marketed. A smartphone can be used as a key by visiting the car manufacturer’s website and downloading the app. For example, Ford has an app called Ford Pass for cars. Ford car users can remotely open and close the car doors and start the car through the smartphone app. Certain Android smartphones have a feature called Digital Key.

Use as a TV remote control device

The smartphone can be used as a remote controller to control the television. Functions such as changing channels, and increasing or decreasing volume can be done with a smartphone. This facility can be used by downloading the specific app of the television.

Measure up

Many times there is no measuring tape or scale within reach. Measurements can then be made using smartphone cameras and augmented reality (AR) technology. Measurements can be made from this link on Measure App on iPhone and Measure Up on Android.

Monitor heart rate

In addition to smartwatches, heart rate can be easily measured with a smartphone. For this, you have to download various apps on your smartphone and use the facility. Such apps are available for free in the App Store. But before downloading the app, you should check the reviews.

As a digital wallet

Smartphones can be used as digital wallets and cards, boarding passes, tickets and medical insurance cards can be added to it. iPhone users get this facility by using Apple Wallet.

Take a picture of yourself

Everyone likes to take pictures of a beautiful scene or setting while traveling alone. But without the help of others, it becomes difficult to take pictures. You can take a self-portrait using the camera timer on your smartphone. Apart from this, this facility can also be used using Apple’s app called Lens Buddy.

In addition to the above advantages, the smartphone can also be used as a compass or flashlight.

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