6 ways to keep the laptops in good condition

Some way to laptops in good condition, Many people use laptops regularly at home and abroad. Laptops last for a long time with regular care. Taking care of the laptop will keep the computer working well. Let’s know 6 ways to keep the laptops in good condition

laptop in good condition

Accident prevention

Many people drink water or eat different foods while working on their laptops. It’s not right. If you must eat because of your busy schedule, keep a glass or bottle of water a foot away from the laptop and cover the keyboard. It is best to keep the laptop lid closed while eating unless you are doing important work. Also, do not use the laptop in direct sunlight. Remind it can cause your laptop to heat up very quickly and cause any kind of damage instant. The laptop should be kept away from rainwater and dust.

Laptop cover

A hard case cover should always be used to carry the laptop. It will keep the laptop safe even if it falls out of hand. It will also protect against common stains (scratches), dust, and dirt. For this, you must use a cover that is compatible with the laptop, even if you travel.

Battery care

Many people charge laptops without need. The laptop battery heats up and loses performance due to overcharging. Laptops of various companies now have protection facilities to prevent excess charges, but older laptops do not have this facility. So when it is fully charged, the laptop should be used by disconnecting the electrical connection from the charger. In addition, the internal heat of the laptop should be kept clean regularly to get it out.

Laptop in clean hands

Hands must be clean while using the laptop. If the fingers are dirty, there is a risk of dust and dirt accumulating on the keyboard of laptop.

To clean up

Due to the presence of dust in the air, dirt accumulates on the laptop. Therefore, the keyboard and screen of the laptop should be cleaned regularly with a clean soft cloth.

Warning during connection

We connect pen drives, headphones, speakers, adapters, or other devices to laptops for various tasks. However, due to haste, many people try to connect the devices to other ports instead of the specific port of the laptop. There is a risk of damaging the pins in the port. For this, different devices should be carefully connected to specific ports according to size and type.

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