5 Ways to Increase Wi-Fi Speed by 50%

Wi-Fi Speed, Many people face problems due to slow Wi-Fi connection during emergency meetings on video calls. Not just video calls, slow Wi-Fi also makes it difficult to do various online tasks. By using these five tricks you can increase Wi-Fi speed by up to 50 percent.

Wi-Fi Speed

Change the channel

Routers basically send signals through channels or frequencies. This channel can also slow down the router at times. Especially in the building where you live, many other people may be using different Wi-Fi networks. Now if the router they use also uses the same channel or frequency, your Wi-Fi speed will decrease. To solve this problem, the channel of the router must be changed.

The router should be placed above the floor and in an open area

Many people keep the router on the table. As a result, Wi-Fi signal speed decreases due to heavy objects or furniture around. To solve this problem, the router should be placed in the middle of the room from the floor upwards. It will get a Wi-Fi signal equally in all directions of the house. Do not place the router next to a window. In this, the signal of the router can be received outside the house, but it will not be received properly inside.

Using an Ethernet cable

If the Wi-Fi signal speed is low on a particular device, there may be a problem with the wireless receiver option on that device. Many times when many devices are connected to the same router, Wi-Fi speed slows down. This problem can be solved by connecting the device to the router through an Ethernet cable.

Wi-Fi Speed

Changing the location of the router’s antenna

Antennas in routers help increase internet speed. Many people use router antennas randomly. Remember, each antenna sends signals separately at a 90-degree angle. And so if you live in a one-story building, keep the antennas vertical. And if you live in a multi-story building, then the antennas should be placed both vertically and horizontally.

Extending Wi-Fi range

If the size of the home or office is large, a router cannot provide the same speed signal everywhere. In addition, multiple walls also slow down Wi-Fi. A range extender or mesh network should be used to solve this problem. Extenders basically receive signals from routers and send them back. If the problem still persists, the router needs to be updated or replaced.

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