5 Best Yoga Tips for Knee

5 Yoga: If done regularly, the strength of the knee will increase, and there will be no fear of replacement

Can’t walk, and can’t stand for long because of knee pain. Try exercising for a few days without taking regular pain medication and see if it helps.


Yoga, Compared to the body, the two weak legs have to bear all the weight of the body. So, although it is not a problem at a young age, after a certain age, many people suffer from knee problems regardless of men and women. Of course, weight is also responsible for that. After dieting, losing weight, and after various treatments, when there is absolutely no result, there is no other option than knee replacement. But that treatment is as costly as it is difficult. So if you do some yoga regularly from the beginning, the knee problem is very much under control.

1) Consistency

Stand straight without bending your knees. Keep both feet close. With eyes closed, extend both arms to the sides of the body. Breathe normally. Need this exercise at least 5 times a day.

2) Utkatasana

First, stand in the same position. After that, bend the knees, bend the waist slightly, and keep the body in a chair-like position. Raise both hands above the head and keep them in the Namaskar posture. At first, try to hold for 30 seconds 5 times, even if you can’t hold it for long.

3) Dandasana

Sit up straight with your legs apart. The back is tight. Pull the feet inwards. Stay in this position for 10 seconds. Leave it after that. Start with this for 10 seconds and then try to hold it for 40 seconds.

4) Paschimattanasana

First, sit with your legs spread in front. If the knee is broken, it will not work at all. This time, take a deep breath and try to lean forward by pulling the body from the waist joints. This time hold both hands from the back side of the feet. Try to bring the body forward as much as possible. Keep in mind it doesn’t stress too much on the first day.

5) Janushirshasan

First, sit with your legs spread in front. Now fold one leg side by side and place it next to the other leg. After that try to lean forward by pulling the body from the waist joints by taking deep breaths in the same manner. Try to touch the head with the knee that is spread forward. Practice doing this on both legs in the same way.

Benefits of Yoga:

Yoga is most effective for the human body, and even the mind. Like you suffer anxiety and emotional issues. Yoga helps for this reason. Maximum physicians recommend doing Yoga.

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